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Our Process

Over the years we have streamlined our process to best suit the needs of our clients. Below is an example of the house design journey. 

Always feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have about custom home design.

Our Process

Idea Collection

Idea Collection

  • Assemble a Pinterest Board, or a Google Drive folder with idea photos & floor plans

  • List the Rooms you need or want

  • Have a budget in mind for your complete project

  • Consider a target square footage based on your budget

  • Select a building lot

  •  your designer can advise on final selection prior to preliminary design if that is helpful to you

Contact A Designer

  • Select a Designer

  • Book a Discovery Call

  • Schedule a 15 minute phone call to establish a connection and outline the overall process

  • Book a Programming Meeting to share ideas, goals, desired rooms, and any specific details you want included

  • After this meeting, to begin the design process a retainer fee is typical.

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Preliminary Design.jpg

Preliminary Design

  • Gather Site info

  • Survey, zoning, orientation, views, easements, setbacks

  • Organize Design Program – List all rooms/spaces by floor including circulation

  • Bubble Diagrams develop rough ideas of space, layout, room connections, projecting elements Single Line Sketches - first pencil, then CAD, puts fixed sizes & proportions to paper

  • Build House Model from single line plans, starting with foundation, main and upper floor, roofs, windows, etc.

Design Concept Presentation

  • Designer presents preliminary design including floor plans with conceptual furniture layout, exterior elevations, and 3D view

  • Initial customer questions, comments, and feedback

  • Take up to 2 weeks to review and mark-up the design plans. Let it become part of your consciousness. ‘Live in the space’. Does it feel right?

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Customer Design Feedback

  • Share your comments and thoughts with designer

  • If the design is substantially acceptable, work through details and minor revisions

  • If there are significant revisions, we will go back to the drawing board

  • Customer sign-off on satisfactory design prior to permit drawing start

Architectural Permit Drawings

  • Foursquare takes the approved design, and applies all the construction details

  • Permit drawings typically include a Foundation plan, Basement plan, Floor plans, Roof plan, Building sections, Section details, Elevations, Exterior 3D views, Optional interior views, Electrical Plans, Energy Code

  • Complete city building permit application and checklists

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Engineering & Building Permit Application

  • Prior to building permit application, the design requires structural and geotechnical engineering and truss layouts. Foursquare can coordinate the engineering for you, or you can coordinate this with your builder.

  • Once engineering is complete you or your builder can apply for the building permit! We will be available to answer questions from the plan review to facilitate a smooth and timely permit process.

On-going Permit & Construction Support

  • City plan review questions

  • Coordinating color and finishes spec sheets with interior designer

  • Construction site visits/reviews as required

  • Completed Home Tour! We love to see and experience our completed designs!

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Contact Us Today!

When you are ready to start the home design process, click below to contact us or just give us a call today!

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